Choose Discipline Over Motivation

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We look to inspiration and motivation to assist in elevating our preparedness and readiness. We use words of affirmation, inspirational quotes, speeches, music, pre-workout, caffeine, self-talk, and a host of other tools to facilitate motivation as an underline foundation towards progress. The issue motivation presents is that it’s in direct conflict with consistency, the true predictor of progress. Motivation is lacking in longevity by its nature. Depending on it is as inconsistent and unreliable as a match flame on a windy day.

Motivation is an ever-fleeting and finite resource. In most instances it is artificially manufactured and dependent upon an external source with the intent to ignite drive in completing an intended goal.

Instead I offer an alternative approach, choose discipline over motivation. I first heard this phrase from Jim Wendler (@JimWendler) and since its inception the simplicity behind that statement has resonated. Discipline is constant and requires no talent. One is a choice, one is an excuse.

Discipline will never falter to difficult. The music will fade, caffeine will lose potency and your self-assurance will stumble. The hype of new and exciting will give way to the monotony of repetition and the difficulty of hard work. The motivation that was once a sail will quickly turn into an anchor. Motivation will always be a poor imposter to discipline.

Writing this article, it’s not meant to inspire or motivate, it’s not a call to action. In fact, it’s just the opposite, it’s meant to remind you to do the work no matter the obstacle that lies ahead. The good days and bad days, the days full of energy and the days with absolutely none. It’s discipline that will prevail through the peaks and valleys in the inconsistency of your day, your weeks, and your life.

Discipline should be the one constant you choose, because how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Written by James Thayer

Instagram @Thayer2513


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